# 108
Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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Jen has rock n roll flowing through her veins and the line-up she threw together for the celebration was killer. I had places to be and people to see that night and only got a small sampling of the show she put on, but I did manage to catch her showcase band Fascination Autumn who like that season were a refreshingly cool slap in the face.

Frantically pounding on a keyboard, his huge jet-black Afro held in place by a headband, Martin Bonventre belted it out unabashedly. Joined by Stephen Marion on guitar, Adam Pumilia on bass and Mike Duncan behind the drum kit, this is a young band (were talking teenagers here) who already have a knack for putting on an exciting show. They play a pumped-up version of psychedelic-rock with enough punky dance beats and frantic keyboard rhythms to make em an impressive party-hardy band. And for this night anyway, the Continental seemed to have some of its old magic back.

Fascination Autumn have a 3-song EP out called
Full Bush and you can get samples of it at their website.

Fascination Autumn:
Above - Stephen Marion and Mike Duncan. Left - Adam Pumilia. Below - Martin Boneventre.