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Just before Schizo Fun Addictís jam-packed record release party got underway at Pianos I had a talk with the bandís Jane Gabriel. Although Gabriel took a vow to silence her speaking voice at age four (and only use her vocal chords for song), our conversation wasnít one-sided. Quickly writing questions and responses on her always handy notepad we in fact had quite an animated chat. The event celebrated not only the debut of the bandís third album Atom Spark Hotel on Brooklyn-based indy label Canarsie which is co-run by the bandís frontman (and Janeís stepbrother) Jet Wintzer, but it also marked the bandís long-anticipated return to live performance. Although Schizo Fun Addict had two previous albums, Just A Dimension Away (2000) and Diamond (2001) which critics here and especially abroad raved about, they have been virtually unknown in their own home town. This due mostly to their almost total stoppage of performing live while they explored the mysterious environs of the above-mentioned Atom Spark.

The previous (and only time) I had ever seen them before they presented a show that was as much avant garde happening as rock performance. This time, joined on stage by guitarist Hadian Mordecai and long time Schizo collaborator Patrick Flynn on drums, the band blasted out a set that still could be described as arty, but on this night was powered by an undeniably funky beat replete with psychedelic accouterments. But before you go thinking this is a return to the golden age of Flower Power, you really should give a listen to those lyrics that so darkly chronicle some of the events happening in and around that old Atom Spark Hotel.

Jet is an engaging performer, urging the audience to join him in achieving bliss through music and thus exorcize the demons of the night. Oh, and heís serious about this stuff. Meanwhile, perhaps if more performers followed Janeís discipline of just shutting up when off stage, perhaps they too could achieve the formidable presence she maintains while on it.


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