# 108
Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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Death of Fashion was formerly known as simply The Fashion - before some Scandinavians laid claim to that moniker (What’s the matter? No more artsy, ironic and pretentious names left in the chilly lands of blondes, blue eyes and frozen intellects?). And though they’re still a fairly new group on the indie scene, Death of Fashion has also gone through a bit of a resurrection along with that name change. They’ve got a new EP out, Lovely and Guilt Free (see review in Quick Cuts this issue) and a 7” vinyl on maverick Brooklyn-based label Canarsie Records is due imminently.

The band performing at Canarsie’s premier showcase at Pianos more than held their own among the night’s very heavy-duty line-up of bands. That performance led to their inking a deal with the upstart label. But the show they put on that night was hardly unique. Although a band that can on occasion be very inconsistent within their sets, the overall effect is always a killer show.
Death of Fashion - announcing their name change at Pianos
Orange Park feature strongly melodic Beatlesque harmonies that most would label power pop. But with the aggressive, punk-edged rhythms and beats they employ, Orange Park might be much closer in spirit to what the emerging Fab Four were like when still a rough ‘n tumble, leather-jacketed pub band
gigging at
the Cave in early 60s Hamburg.

Following their tour of Japan last fall, the band has initially released their debut album
Songs From the Unknown as an import only from that country. Details on how to get this album (which includes artwork that won't be available on the domestic release) can be found at their website.