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Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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Her motto is "embrace your outer brattiness!" and Marianne and her band do just that when they take the stage. With biting humor and wit as pointed as a stiletto, she relates odes of love gone lousy and tales of losers that have crossed her path. And if you think all that sounds like a major whine - it's knocked out there for your enjoyment with the punked-up beats and sing-along choruses that are all over the debut CD The Wrong Marianne. That recording had knowledgeable critics likening her to Liz Phair, Alanis Morrissette and even the Go-Gos. Look for the Pillsburys cut "Boo Hoo" on the forthcoming RockGirl Discoveries of 2005 CD as well as a published feature spot in that magazine.

Penolope Lawson and her band at the Continental
Penelope Lawson
Despite a classical music background, Penelope Lawson still knows how to belt out a rock song. And though the songs I've heard off her CD These Days Go By are definitely on the commercial side with heavy portions of R&B and soft-core pop, it looks like her real style comes out when she's out there doin' it live. It's grittier, dirtier and a whole lot more sexy than the delicate meanderings produced in a sterile studio environment. As we've always said - you can't go wrong hanging out it bars.

The Marianne Pillsburys