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April/May 2004

undays afternoons are a bit more interesting now that Jasper Coolidge ( and Melody Nelson ( are hosting The Day After party every other Sunday at Pianos. By the time I had slipped over to Ludlow Street, I had missed the Fearless TV screening on the upstairs lounge’s big screen, but peppered throughout the crowd were various rockers n’ rollers (including the spunky Twenty Twos) co-mingling with industry types and enjoying the sounds being spun by that Sunday’s guest DJs Shut the Fuck Up (who looked curiously like Michael Jurin and Arthur Kremer of stellastarr*). No cover, good food, the hair of that dog that bit you and a laid back atmosphere made for a relaxed setting for either casual networking or simply easing your way out of the weekend. As always, Jasper and Audrey kept everything running smoothly throughout ... Later that evening, we caught up with Mademoiselle Melody again, spinning her own up-tempo set for the Modern Snackbar event at Filter 14. With the accent on the Euro beat, Plastique Bertrand’s “Ca Plane Pour Moi” was inevitable and a perfect centerpiece to the mix ...

Courtney Love blew through town to hype her new one, America’s Sweetheart. The album has gotten mixed reactions and not just because she so shamelessly displays the hots (or is that love and disses?) for New York’s own sweetheart, Julian Casablancas on it. But, ever the trooper, Love managed to make the expected spectacle of herself in front of a nationwide audience with David Letterman, followed by another breast-bearing, this time for the “benefit” of Australian rockers Jet in a failed attempt to share the stage with them at their Irving Plaza concert opening for The Vines. Then it was on to an impromptu showcase at Plaid that wound up with an assault arrest after she tossed a microphone stand into the crowd and split open a fan’s head. Out of jail and showing up hours late for her scheduled Bowery Ballroom gig, she babbled on to the crowd with an extended monologue of financial woes, custody battles and her present drug-free condition. Not sure who she expected to buy any of it. Her antics did manage to make the front pages of all of the city’s tabloids so I guess it can go down as a ‘mission accomplished.’ You know, we always thought Kurt Cobain - who had in front of him an ever-growing legion of rapt believers rivaling those of John Lennon a generation before and the responsibility of a new child he brought into this world - was an over-rated cult-hero who proved himself a loser when he offed himself. But, as Kerri Black (who’s had a run in or two with Love herself) said to us, “Wouldn’t you kill yourself if you were married to her?” Maybe he was an artist after all. At any rate, we do hope Ms. Love survives herself ...
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The Twenty Twos - Hannah Moorhead, Jonny Cragg and Terrah Schroll - hang with friends at The Day After.

Melody Nelson
has the beat in the booth at Filter 14.
Shut the Fuck Up Do these celebrity guest DJs look familiar?