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Malcolm Sane, Michele Falk, Bonnie Tagate
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April/May 2004
If ever there was a prototype for the raunch and roller, it’s Keith Richards. He continually re-writes the book on Sex ‘n Drugs ‘n Rock ‘n Roll and his notorious lifestyle and debauched outlook have been a bad influence on many. Recently, Johnny Depp revealed that the flighty Rolling Stone was the source of inspiration behind his Oscar-nominated role of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Image aside, musically Keith’s footprint is profound. Not only did he continue and embellish the Chuck Berry/Bo Diddley tradition of broken chord guitar playing that is the essence of rock rhythm, but through him that school of playing was further disseminated by many, many others including Richards disciple/wannabe Johnny Thunders. Unfortunately, the one-time NY Doll also pursued Keith’s vices too vigorously. We’ve yet to hear a punk ‘n roll guitarist who hasn’t been influenced by Keith via Thunders and his score of ragged followers, or simply by Keith directly. So we think it’s fitting that props are given to Keef by posting a full page of NEON photos taken of him by Lorry Doll. You’ll find them in our Archive Gallery. It marks the first time most of these have ever been published.

Band Buzzz: After crisscrossing the country with the likes of The Stills and The Darkness, The Everyothers came back into town for a quick one at the Mercury Lounge before continuing on their tour in support of their new album (officially released on March 29th) ... Billionaire Boys Club are back on stage after a month long break to work up some new songs. In between gigging around town, they’ll be doing shows in Chicago and Delaware … Ambulance, LTD made their national TV debut recently on Last Call with Carson Daly – also guesting on the same night was Angelina Jolie. Their self-titled debut album on TVT is due any moment (see the NEON review in Quick Cuts)… Stupid’s Dana Ehrlich recently co-hosted the SXSW special for Fuse TV where she interviewed The Hives, The Stills, Von Bondies, Ravonettes and many others who were down in Austin for the festival – plus she got to plug her own group … In between recent shows, AeroVox continue to work on a new recording which should be heard from shortly … Meanwhile, you can hear them (and many other great bands) on Radio Indie Pop ( brought to you by the folks at the Luna Lounge and featuring artists you may not be able to hear enough of elsewhere … Inouk’s 4-song EP Search For The Bees is due out in May … The Minors have released their brand new CD Not So Shy and the former Ben Carroll Band also have a brand new website ( ... The Wheelies have added guitarist Graham Norwood to the mix so they are now a power quartet … Hurry-Up Offense after returning from a successful mini-tour of Japan and a jaunt down to the SXSW Festival are back in the New York groove with a series of gigs …  Schizo Fun Addict (and their eclectic music stylings live up to that moniker) are a NYC-based group who after releasing two albums in the UK (Just A Dimension Away in 2000, and Diamond in 2001)are gearing up for their first  full-length American release this summer with a 7" single out shortly - we'll have a review and more on them next time round.

NEON Feature: Aerial Love Feed
Photo: Lorry Doll

Yeah, I got another rant for ya. What the flying fool is going on here? First off Mayor Mike gets everyone's knickers in a twist with his proposed one a.m. music ban with all its threats of club closings and fines and various and sundry tortures, etc. Now he's saying “... oh, maybe next year we'll see about doing that.” You know ... you just know he's going to try to slip this one by when nobody's looking.
         We’d like to think that Loony Bloomie wimped out - for now, anyway - ‘cause he finally felt the pain of club owners and club goers already trying to cope with the financial and quality of life fall-out from his ridiculous smoking ban in bars and other party restrictions - or that maybe he was swayed by people like the
Luna Lounge’s Rob Sacher, concerned bands like Stupid, publications like NEON and many others urging all to flood his consumer affairs office with their objections. But, most likely the reason behind Mike’s big blink was being caught with his hypocritical pants down when the New York Post spied him attending a stylish affair at a posh public hotel amid high-profile, campaign-supporting cronies who lit up their smokes in his presence despite Millionaire Mike’s laws to the contrary. Like I told ya before, if we don’t watch out, it might not be long before the only legal fun in ol’ NYC will be raising your pinky while sipping on some pissy-ass white wine in a brightly lit and sterilized lounge on West 57th Street. And the only sounds allowed will be the mechanical hiss and hum of a dozen humidifiers blasting purified oxygen through the joint. End of rant.
- Bonnie Tagate