The cause to pause at Pianos was the official release of the Inevitable Breakups’ super hot single “Stephanie” b/w “All I Want.” And that really is a ‘backed-with’ since the tunes are on good ol’ 45 RPM black vinyl (not to worry, there’s a CD version, too). Hosted by Kerri Black, the fete featured not only the incredible Inevitables but also Fooled by April, Copperpot and Orange Park. That strong billing, coupled with the fashionista who were in the ever fashionable Pianos for the kick-off of Fashion Week, promised a most stimulating night. And it was. There was even a rumor that the provocative cover girl of “Stephanie” was in attendance. But of course that didn’t interest us in the least (“Where? Where?!”).
Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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April/May 2004
The Inevitable Breakups put on a display of the raw energy they captured on their single with a lively set of three-minute power pop wonders. Daniel Stampfel’s biting lyrics and guitar led the way throughout; while M. Dan Peña continued to prove that he may be the most dynamic rock drummer in this city and, along with bassist Evan Silverman (formerly of the indie band the Rosenburgs, but equally well known in jazz and classical circles) showed what a power trio’s rhythm section is supposed to be. And what was with that couple getting it on so shamelessly stage-right during the soulful electric version of  “All I Want”? And where the hell was Stephanie? A Warning: It won’t be long before the 7” version of “Stephanie”  (with its risqué picture sleeve and retro label) will only be available at obscene collector’s prices on eBay and elsewhere – you might want to grab your copy now.

The Inevitable Breakups
Clockwise from top:
Daniel Stampfel, M. Dan Peña,
and Evan Silverman
More of the party with
Orange Park, Fooled by April
and Copperpot