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Invevitable Breakups Record Release Party at Pianos
The energy the Inevitables displayed may have been infectious ‘cause Orange Park was as animated on stage as we’ve seen them. And that’s saying something for this high intensity band (except for the always coolly laid-back Harv on bass). But maybe part of it was that they’re excited over the release of their own single. Jeff Moore told me before the show that it’s a U.K. release on Monophonic (who have a connection to England’s Beggars Banquet label, who used to do Bauhaus and a lot of the other dark, but danceable bands hipster DJs used to love to play so much). There’s also the possibility of a quick trip to Merry Ol’ to promote it with maybe a jaunt to Japan (where they have a fanatic following thanks to being featured on a popular Japanese TV show) not too far down the line. But before all that is a stop in Austin, Texas to do the South by Southwest Festival. In the meantime, the packed showroom at Pianos was happy to have Orange Park home and pouring out a charged-up set on this night.
Orange Park
Clockwise from top:
Jeff Moore,
Jaye Moore,
Justin Moore and
Chris Harvey
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Orange Park
April/May 2004