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April/May 2004
Invevitable Breakups Record Release Party at Pianos
Kicking off the night was Fooled By April who risked an icy drive from Boston (and back) to help the Inevitable Breakups celebrate their record release. These guys are no strangers around here and are getting as well known in NYC as they are in their own hometown. And thanks to heavy airplay of their own recently-released EP Nice To See You (which broke into the CMJ charts shortly after its debut) and mini-tours throughout the Northeast and Midwest, word is spreading even further. Fooled By April play pretty much straight ahead rock with the emphasis on harmonies, hooks and catchy lyrics. All that might make their listeners initially think of them as a power-pop band. But Gordon Wright’s vocals may be a little too dark ‘n gritty and Joe Welsh’s guitar a little too nasty ‘n trashy to have them fit so neatly and sweetly into that category. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sing along on the choruses or shake your butt to the beat and party along with ‘em.
Fooled By April
Top:  Gordon Wright
Pete Galea
Fooled By April
Top:  Jordan Siegel
Below:  Joe Welsh gets nasty 'n trashy
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