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April/May 2004
Invevitable Breakups Record Release Party at Pianos
From the stage of Pianos in the heart of New York City’s haughtily hip Lower East Side, lead singer Jarrett Randazzo boldly announces his band Copperpot is from New Jersey – several times. And the funny thing is, he really does seem proud of that fact. Suburban angst has certainly fueled the lyrics to the power pop tunes his group pumps out and the shaggy-haired vocalist/guitarist delivers them with a youthful energy The Boss himself would be envious of. A few years back Randazzo was considered a wonder boy of sorts when his solo project album Nothing Lasts Forever (some of it written when he was still a teenager) started getting major attention. The current band (Mike Reid, guitar; Antonio Valenti, bass; Scott Ingwersen, drums) started out as the group Randazzo got together to back him for West Coast showcases. They’re still around. Can Copperpot be the modern world's version of Bon Jovi? That appears to be their goal, and perhaps their destiny.
Copperpot's  Mike Reid and Jarrett Randazzo - They're really rockin' in Jersey
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