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A wet and sultry summer evening and the place to be this night was somewhat off the Lowa-E-Sida path, way down on Warren  Street, at the Kerri Black Promotions STRIKE! show at Tribeca.  In case you’ve been (or were put) away, Kerri has been a featured player on the downtown music scene for the past few years and her ear for buzz bands already borders on the legendary. Kerri’s past involvement with artists like Longwave, Wheatus and the Strokes helped launch major interest in those groups. So, all in all, I was expecting a pretty interesting show. Tribeca’s powerful air-conditioning unit was a nice treat, but the very cool bands, Billionaire Boys Club, The Inevitable Breakups, Tiger Mountain and HotSocky (see following reviews), plus DJ Brian Molloy of Ready! Steady! Go! and Girls and Boys spinning the tunes in between still made for a hella hot night:
Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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No, they don’t sound (or look) like a million bucks – after all this is the Billionaire Boys Club and their standards are somewhat loftier. BBC became a band last summer, but if they look familiar ya might have known them as Evelyn Forever a much talked about pop band out of the vibrant New Jersey alt scene. E4E had several successful releases and tours under that moniker, but all that’s ancient history and the Billionaires have their own definite identity. They may still know how to write catchy lyrics and these boys can harmonize with the best of ‘em, but if you think this is just a pop band, you’re mistaken – they rock, and they rock hard. Reef ‘s downright nasty licks on a song like “”Don’t Ya Wanna,” - cranked up and exploding through his Marshall by way of an equally nasty-looking and sparkly vintage Fender – serve as a calling card that this ain’t all sugar and spice. Singer-guitarist Mark Sanderlin shares the spotlight with Reef, while Matt Lewis and Leigh Nelson back it all up on drums and bass for a thundering bottom.

The BBC have a loud and avid following that made themselves known this night when the boys ran through  songs like the above-mentioned “Don’t Ya Wanna” (a real crowd pleaser), “Quittin’ Drinking” and the show-stopping “Super OK.” They’ve got a recently released EP out that features all three of those songs along with “Good Girls.” The Billionaires have toured all over the country, recently returning from a West Coast sojourn (where they are picking up strong airplay), and have shared the bill with the likes of Fountains of Wayne, the Smithereens and Longwave.
Kicking off the Kerri Black Strike! show at Tribeca, the Billionaire Boys Club set the pace for what was to become a hot and steamy night in New York City.
Kerri Black presents STRIKE! at Tribeca:
The Inevitable Breakups