Kerri Black presents STRIKE! at Tribeca:
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Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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HotSocky do what hot bands have always done - they let the music do the talking - and will have you coming away, staggering a bit, but with a very nice buzz.
Years ago, I took an all-expenses paid (though involuntary) tour through questionable parts of the Far East. Not to be confused with the East Village, this part of the East did have some uniquely interesting villages where I got to indulge in (among other things) the locally-brewed head banger known as Sake. Thought to heighten spiritual awareness, the liquid fire went down white hot and while it didn't take me to the gates of Nirvana, it certainly lifted my spirits to a level where I wanted to be. Like that rice wine, the band HotSocky is a flammable mixture that can transport you to a much higher ground.

Lattimer, with his big Gretch slung down low like a modern day Duane Eddy, leads this group through a driving set of crunchy, melody-powered rockers. Songs like "Love Sick," "Melt Down" and "Time Bomb" while heavy on the harmonies are just as strong on the big beat. Drummer Buz and bass man Mick Addams set the pace with a powerful rhythm that keeps these songs more rock than pop. On his own big-ass hollow body (this time a Guild) is Jerry Stereo. Seemingly overcome by the groove, he pulls out blasts of distorted licks and power chords in counterpoint to Lattimer's smooth vocals. HotSocky can rock with the best of them, but it's their knack for fusing that hard 'n heavy crunch with the can't-get-it-out-of-my-head hooks of power-pop that makes 'em intoxicating.
HotSocky came together in NYC a few years ago - songwriter Lattimer from Thin Lizard Dawn, Stereo from the Kraftmatics, while Buz was previously in Psychotica and Addams in Red Eye. HotSocky appeared on the compilation NY: the Next Wave that also featured notable groups Elefant, Sea Ray and Stellastar*. Cuts off their own self-titled debut have aired all over the place and HotSocky are past winners of the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame M.E.A.N.Y. Fest as well as's songwriting contest. But, I don't need to tell you about their trophies or accolades to validate their music (besides I really don't buy into that competitive "battle of the bands" thing) 'cause HotSocky do what hot bands have always done - they let the music do the talking and will have you coming away - staggering a bit - but with a very nice buzz, thank you.