Fall 2003
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from the NEON archives - the Lorry Doll sessions
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Deep Purple
Deep Purple debuted in 1968 with the Top 40 hit "Hush," then went on to firmly establish themselves as a heavy metal band with the classic "Smoke on the Water" in 1972. When NEON's  Lorry Doll sat down with the revolutionary group's Roger Glover in 1990 they had just released Slaves and Masters, at the time their 18th album (not counting compilations!).
Jason & the Scorchers
Lorry Doll met up with Jason & the Scorchers in 1990 when the roots-rock/country-punk  group had released their fifth album and just come off a tour with Bob Dylan. Jason Ringenberg talked about both those events and more.
After two independent albums, Prong was signed to Epic Records in 1990. That's when  NEON's Lorry Doll had a talk with Prong's Mike Kirkland about the band and the state of the hard core scene.
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