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NEON featured the Everyothers in our last issue, but a lot has happened with this group since then. They spent much of the summer touring up and down the East Coast along with side trips to Chicago, Detroit, Ohio and elsewhere. But, NEON did manage to catch them for one of their (now) somewhat rare New York gigs at Pianos where they put on another great show. A little more casual then usual (no suit for Owen McCarthy this time), the Everyothers still did an energetic set for the pumped-up and packed house. Just before press time, they did one more at the Mercury before heading back out on the road. Their debut album is due out on Hautlab! November 4th. I don’t know if I agree with Mary Huhn calling them “glam-pop ‘70s style rock” in her recent article in the New York Post – to me they’re a very basic, very accessible and very hot rock ‘n roll band in the classic sense. But, I certainly agree with her declaration that the Everyother’s  “Can’t Get Around It” is a “soon-to-be No. 1 single.”
Above: the 'casual' Owen McCarthy
Right: a 'rare' photo of John Melville
Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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When I saw the Wayward Saints at the Luna Lounge recently I was struck by how comfortable vocalist/guitarist John Washburn seemed on stage, knowing the band had been together less than a year. And well he should be. In 2002, Washburn released the solo album Stumbling Still Warm … to much critical acclaim and had pretty much crisscrossed the country in support of it. But that album showcased a talented singer/songwriter with mostly acoustic material and the Wayward Saints are definitely a rock ‘n roll band. Washburn, drummer Tom Collins and bassist Bick move easily through roots-rock songs like “She’s Falling Down,” “Heaven Is A Warm, Dry Place” and “Go Go Go” and yes they work up a sweat doing it – so does their audience. The trio is no stranger to this scene – Collins was previously in Kitty In The Tree, Bick is still a member of Clara Venus. They’re presently recording material for future release and you can get a sample of it at their website.
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Do blondes really have more fun? There’s a whole chauvinist’s trunk full of well-worn clichés about the dumb, vivacious blonde, but the only baggage the Blondes Inc. carry is that they’re brash, bouncy, a little bawdy … and a bunch of fun. Formerly known as simply the Blondes, the group put on a rousing performance at the Luna Lounge. Bill, whether belting out vocals center-stage or manhandling his keyboard, led the band through a set of upbeat rockers while Baxter provided enough crunch on his Les Paul to satisfy the most jaded of punk ‘n rollers. Throughout, Peruvian powerhouse Joel held down the bottom on bass and Parisian percussionist Mick kept it all in gear on drums. Set-starter “Listen” with its sing-along chorus and an electrifying cover of Lou Reed’s “White Light/White Heat” were standouts as was “Bad Girls”. The Blondes Inc. have a full-length album in the can that was the result of Richard Lloyd (of Television fame) approaching them with an offer to produce. As yet, it remains unreleased.