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The Twelve and Helicopter Helicopter
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Feb/Mar 2004
Helicopter Helicopter's Julie Chadwick & Dave Foy Below: Chris Zerby and Shawn Setaro
Helicopter Helicopter

Helicopter Helicopter (or H2, as they sometimes call themselves) continue the long tradition of Boston-based bands who consider New York clubs an integral part of their touring circuit. Lately, they seem to play in places like the Luna Lounge and elsewhere in this city as much as some of the groups that call Manhattan home. When I saw them at the Luna they offered up breezy pop-inspired tunes that were jauntily carried aloft by the vocals of Julie Chadwick and Chris Zerby who formed the group in 1998. They’ve released four albums since that time with last year’s Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes (Initial Records) being the latest. Their 2001 album By Starlight (Lunch Records) charted on CMJ and was a breakout for the band. They’ve been touring the U.S. almost constantly since that point.

With hooks aplenty and a big crisp bottom from Dave Foy on drums and Shawn Setaro (who has since split from the band) on bass, Helicopter Helicopter delivered a solid set of songs so catchy at one point I thought we were in danger of the crowd breaking out in a massive sing-along. Thankfully, they restrained themselves. H2 has put the word out that they will be moving to Los Angeles on April 1st – is this some kind of a joke?

The Twelve

Brooklyn’s modern day version of a blues-based rock ‘n roll band, the Twelve continue to play their special brand of soulful upbeat music to appreciative audiences in and around this city. Featuring the distinctive vocals of U.K. native Noel Harnden and the unique fretwork of Jason Clark, the band also consists of a very tight rhythm section in drummer John Bollinger and Tim Lane on bass. Their most recent release is the 10-song CD Blow Your Top! that features some of the best songs from their live set - "Satisfied," "Follow Me Down" and "Friday Night."
The Twelve Clockwise from top: Noel Harnden, Tim Lane, John Bollinger and guitarist-extraordinaire Jason Clark