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Brooklyn's accordion-wielding punk band Stupid was in a horrific I-95 car wreck the second week into the new year. Returning from a Providence, Rhode Island gig, the gear-laden station wagon the band was riding in swerved to avoid another vehicle and hit the median at full speed. They flipped head over heals twice before eventually skidding to a halt on the roof of their car. Cuts, scrapes and bruises for all - the worst being that drummer Ben (the Matrix) Hoyumpa wound up breaking an arm in three places - but all in all these guys (and gal) are very lucky to have survived such a spectacular disaster. Following an operation to repair the damaged wing, Hoyumpa faces a long recuperation period leaving future plans for the band on hold at the moment. As lead singer Dana told us, "It sucks ass but I'm just glad we're alive."

As you may have read in our spot in the last issue of NEON, in addition to Ben and the irrepressible Dana Ehrlich on lead vocals, keys, accordion and whatever other percussive or damaging instrument she can get her hands on, Stupid also features Mathew Bixby on guitar and bass and Byrd on vocals, bass and guitar. The quartet has a snappy self-titled album out and appear on the soundtracks of both the Plug Ugly film release
Devils Are Dreaming and the Oscar nominated Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius movie. We're hopeful this ambitious and passionate group will be back on the scene in short order. You can keep updated on the band's progress; hear music samples, read Dana's graphic first-person account of the band's accident and be further visually and aurally entertained at

NEWS UPDATE: Ben continues to heal and ... Stupid has engaged a temporary drummer for upcoming gigs until he returns!
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Feb/Mar 2004
The STUPID Car Wreck on the Interstate
STUPID at the Luna Lounge - Above Dana Ehrlich and bassman Byrd - Below - injured drummer Ben (the Matrix) Hoyumpa and guitarist Matt Bixby
Dana Goes Mental - If Stupid's members are as energetic in their recovery as they are with delivering the punk goods, they'll be back on stage in no time.