# 107
Exhaling dramatically and squinting at me with bloodshot eyes, he said, “No man, they don’t rock … they vibrate, man.” That’s how an acquaintance corrected me through a cloud of reefer smoke following a Pink Floyd concert of long ago. It had been one of those shows where perhaps even the bouncers and ticket takers had gotten a contact high. One fan was so taken with those good vibrations he took flight from the balcony and probably imagined he was slowly and lazily drifting down through the cone of music to enlightened consciousness right up until reality in the form of gravity rushed up to prove him wrong. Ouch.

While they don’t sound much like early Pink Floyd, AeroVox do rock and they certainly vibrate - they'll probably have you jumping, too. And you don’t really need any drugs to be mesmerized by their music. Self described as post-punk space rock, their pulsating, multi-dimensional sound shimmers throughout the five songs of their latest EP Rewind 2004-1. Painted in finer strokes than their highly-touted 2003 debut EP The Sky Highatrist, the new disc again features the vocals of former Mach Five frontman Jeff Darien joined by super solid bass and drums (Cy Donovan and Jason Graciolett, respectively) and the otherworldly lead guitar of Will Jimenez. But this time out, songs like “Beat You Up” and “Home” offer a warmer, more intricate and personal feel. That may in part be due to the “liver” feel of the mix, or it might be because AeroVox has taken a less clinical approach to things and opened up their sound for greater accessibility.

It seems like that old Sky Highatry is working. Observing audiences at their shows, you notice that the crowd isn’t so much bopping along to the beat as they are grooving to it. Sort of like what you would see at a jam band concert where glassy-eyed followers of Phish or Blues Traveler would just kind of sway to the whole experience. Or maybe they’re just vibrating along to AeroVox's sound, man.


Commentary and photography by Jeff Rey
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