# 107
Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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Sin- was the place to kick off the past summer when Kerri Black celebrated the big one with a few close friends. Helping the mistress of downtown night life punctuate the fete were Billionaire Boys Club, The Fashion, The Danglers and in a farewell performance, Scout ... plus a mob of enthusiastic party goers. There were no casualties that we know of. Well, nothing serious anyway.
Billionaire Boys Club (Reef above, Mark Sanderline right) seemed like the perfect party band with their loose and loud guitars, tight harmonies and very danceble beats.
Maybe they were saving the best for last 'cause  Scout sure sounded inspired for their very last show, with  Brian Silverman (above) pulling out some amazing guitar licks.
We've come to expect nothing but great sets from The Fashion and they sure lived up to that expectation on this party night. (Left, Darryl Specht on bass and Jessie Davis)
Looking none the worst for wear (it was still early in the night at this point) was party gal Kerri Black.
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