Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
© Copyright 2004, blue door productions
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The Everyothers ... in your face with their relentlessly captivating sound.
Summer 2004
Since releasing their self-titled album late last year, The Everyothers have been crisscrossing the U.S.A. in support of it, so it was quite the event when they landed back in NYC for a show at the Mercury Lounge. From the first song it was apparent that those long months of road work have paid dividends. Owen McCarthy’s voice has taken on another level of strength and there seems to be a new cockiness (obviously bolstered by confidence) throughout the band. From the bold bass of Ben Toro and the ever-solid beats of John Melville, to the trademark raunchiness of Joel B. Cannon’s guitar and McCarthy’s not too subtle sensuality, The Everyothers are in your face with their relentlessly captivating sound. And since their album has a very “live” feel to it, this aggressiveness translates well to the stage. Yet, their music hasn’t lost the tender dynamic that often underlies their strongest compositions. While songs like “Break That Bottle,” “English Cigarettes” and the gritty New York City vibe of “Can’t Get Around It” remain as highlights of their set, it was the eerie aura of “Dead Star” that was the show stopper on this night. As presented on their album, it’s a quiet and mysterious outro to a lively, sometimes raucous set. But live it was transformed into a power ballad that punctuated the strength this band now wields.