Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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Summer 2004
Though they were all in dresses or skirts when they played Pianos, their music was no less ballsy. Rachel Tricarico’s vocals and guitar were darkly dangerous, while Jea Scott on bass and Sarah Vasil on drums provided the big bottom to it all. And flame-haired Eva Chavela seems to hold the thundering chaos to a reasonable level with her rock-steady guitar playing.

The Drive came together in 2001, releasing EPs in each of the following two years and have appeared on numerous compilation projects. Presently they’ve completed a new video that will be released as part of the
Punk Rawk series and are recording cover material for a Cleopatra Records compilation. More news at The Drive website.

The Drive
(clockwise from top)
Rachel, Eva, Jea and Sarah
New York City Seen:
The Fashion
If the colorful women of The Drive look familiar, you may remember them from the feature that aired on the Learning Channel (BBC in the UK) last year. The reality show, Pros and Cons: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, documented the band choosing their director (from three candidates whose credentials were kept secret) and shooting the video for the song “Important” in the segment titled “Rock Girls Video.” Then again, you might recognize three of The Drive as pin-up girls for the Epiphone Guitar Calendar whose products they’ve been endorsing for the past couple of years. But if you’ve ever seen them live, most likely you’ll remember this NYC quartet for the hard ‘n heavy sounds they produce.