Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
© Copyright 2004, blue door productions
All rights reserved
Maybe it was lead singer’s Jesse Davis’ new Brad Pitt post-Troy, pre-Oceans 12 hair cut. Or maybe it was the relief of having the booming Disco from Plaid’s front room finally drowned out. But most likely it was because the Fashion were just so damn hot on this night. One thing's for sure, all those girls up against the front of the stage sure were excited about something as Jacob Bills banged out some choice chords on his Telecaster and jumped up to the mic to kick off the show. And it was immediately apparent that bass man Darryl Specht and drummer Daniel Boivin had some buzz of a beat going that spontaneously pulled the crowd into their groove. Davis isn’t a front man that normally inspires audience sing-alongs or fist pumping. The Fashion just aren’t that kind of band. But on this night he did and by the time he got to “The Surf Song” I could swear I heard a few ohhhhs of pleasure above the din - coming from at least a couple of those ladies up front. And I do know I saw some uncontrollable reaching out and pinching of Jesse’s butt. He didn’t seem to mind.

“Good Intentions” with its jangly hook and the Fashion’s signature “This New Sound” were highlights and though it seemed a bit strange for this cool and aloof group, it was by then no surprise when those girls up front and others jumped up on stage with them to
dance wildly along for the finale.
New York City Seen:
Billionaire Boys Club
Summer 2004