Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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I was on my way to covering another show down the street, but stopped into the Luna Lounge for a quick one. It must have been my lucky day. Not only was the excellent Earlymay playing (see Hot Nites), but I ran into Billionaire Boys Club's Mark Sanderline at the bar and got the chance to see their set before having to run off to the show I promised to cover.

I've probably seen the BBC more times than any other current band on the scene and the thing is - they're always great. Don't these guys ever have an off night? A couple weeks later, I plug into CBGB's live video stream and there they are again - once more doing a great set.

Along with singer/guitarist Sanderline, BBC is Reef, also on guitar and vocals, Matt Lewis on drums and Leigh Nelson on bass. Together they combine for a formidable foursome. Whether doing a Doll's-type out and out rocker like "Don't You Wanna" or employing full harmonies on a power pop song like "Super OK," the band never seems to forget they're up on the stage to put on a show. That might be the end result of just enjoying what they're doing. At any rate, it shows. It's probably why they've also shared stages with the likes of Fountains of Wayne, Longwave, the Smithereens and other heavy-weight notables. Or why they had a TV gig as the house band on
Last Call with Carson Daly.

The Billionaire Boys Club is presently in the process of recording a full-length as a follow-up to their well-received
Career Opportunities EP. Producing is Sal Villanueva (Taking Back Sunday).
Billionaire Boys Club
From top:
Reef, Mark Sanderline, Leigh Nelson.
Hidden by equipment is drummer Matt Lewi
New York City Seen:
Billionaire Boys Club
Summer 2004