Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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Hot Nites Cool Nites
Summer 2004
No line of Vespas were parked out on Skid Row … oops, we mean The Bowery but downstairs at CBGB’s Lounge the exuberant energy of HeadQuarters kept the beat going with modern classics. Charles Wallace led his mop-topped group through a set of righteous sounds that featured “Good Thing” and “Make Ya Break Ya” off their current CD single. Those songs and others in the set were powered-up by guitarist Nick Purpura raving through a vintage Fender amp. And the rest of the band cooked too – both aurally and visually in their finest 60s gear. The Lounge’s tiny (and pillar-obstructed stage) seemed much too small for such an energetic quintet, but the band still managed to keep the audience bopping to their high-energy sounds.

HeadQuarters came about when Wallace was putting together the concept, and later the soundtrack, for the critically acclaimed indie docudrama
American Mod, released in 2001. While HeadQuarters is credited with the film’s soundtrack, it’s mostly all Wallace with the help of producer Gordon Raphael (pre-Strokes fame). But the real band came together shortly thereafter, eventually teaming up with the now suddenly in demand Raphael for the maxi-single “Uptown Inside-Out” in 2002. Incidentally, American Mod featured one of our all-time favorite New York characters, the late Quentin Crisp. The film can be seen on the Sundance Channel (Showtime).

HeadQuarters is currently working on the recording of another release. Music samples, upcoming gigs, details of the movie and other interesting items can be found at their website.