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Commentary and photos by Jeff Rey
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Futurism, the cyberpunk ethos and elements of the Road Warrior films add up to a hard-driving, big beat rock band - Mercury Boy

MERCURY BOY is more than the alter-ego of Nick Terzi, it’s also a musical concept that incorporates futurism, the cyberpunk ethos and some elements of the Road Warrior film series. All this recalls some of the manifestations employed by David Bowie over his career, and like some of the Bowie personas it has the peril of coming off as a bit silly. That’s not the case here because Terzi’s music is so damn strong. The current EP Get It Going is a song-driven recording. And all four songs showcase his writing ability and vocal range through hard driving, big beat, rock compositions. The uncredited recorded band is excellent, but the group he appeared with live at a recent CB Lounge show (if different) were no less talented with Marco Passarelli on guitar, Rich Haviland on drums and Atom Fellows on bass.

Mercury Boy’s set was upbeat with “Bus Driver” and “It’s All Trash” off the EP being highlights. Perhaps even more telling were the cover songs Mercury Boy chose. Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” came off true to the original, but even more bottom heavy and more dynamic than that new wave classic if that’s possible. And Devo’s “Girl U Want” sounded like it was written if not
by, then at least for this band. I understand they are about to record it as part of a forthcoming album. A good move.

Samples of the EP and other cool stuff is available on the Mercury Boy website.