Winter 2003
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New York City BUZZZ
NEON bangs off with the buzzz on all things punk 'n roll happenin' in and around this city, including updates on stellastar* and the White Stripes ... and this issue's  club people pick.
New York City Seen
NEON ventures into the night to report on who we've seen on the scene - with Coppermine, Fixer, Stupid, Lazy Lane, Lower Lot and Hurry-Up Offense.
foto flash feature
Jeff Darien discovers life after Mach Five and finds good vibrations with a high-flying new group.
When the sun goes down on this old city the
NEON fires glow. A photo gallery of some of the hottest nights in NYC with the Everyothers, HotSocky, Orange Park, the Spicy Rizzaks and the Blondes, Inc ... plus links to this city's coolest night spots.
NEON Quick Cuts
We close out this issue with a revival of NEON TV's fast- paced reviews and previews of all things current and cool. Featuring the A.K.A.s, Collider, Prospect Place, The Wheelies, The Vanity Set, The Dogs and The 'Lectric Chairs.
NEON Archives
Open the door to NEON's vault for a peek at our 25 year history of bringing you the baddest & best punk 'n roll. Includes classic concert photos, vintage interviews and articles, screenshots from NEON TV and much more. With recent past issues of
NEON was founded in 1977 by
Lorry Doll & Jeff Rey

NEON Cover Photos: Jeff Rey, Phantoms photo by Lorry Doll

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Chairman 'N Chief
Jeff Rey

Contributing Editors
NEON Winter 2003:

Grane Leger
Malcolm Sane
Michele Falk
Stephan Jaser
Bonnie Tagate
and, as always,
Lorry Doll
Above, NEON's co-founder, the late Lorry Doll fronting the Wild Ones - New York City 1986
foto flash feature
The Twelve
based rock 'n' roll is still alive and well in New York City, even if it once again takes an Englishman to get that mojo goin'.
The Phantoms
pawned out of the 70s Boston punk scene, the Phantoms embraced the absurdities of life in 3-minute blasts of thought-provoking witticisms. New releases from this legendary band.
foto flash feature
Mercury Boy
A musical concept that incorporates futurism, the cyberpunk ethos and  elements of the Road Warrior.